Sunday, 17 April 2011


I think the hair has improved dramatically compared to my first shoot. I went around to several hair dressers to see how much it would be for them to style the hair for this shoot however the average was around £35-40 even in small salons, and unfortunately I couldnt afford to do this. However I spoke to the make up artist i used and she had some experience doing hair and I also knew Becky was good at hair so between them they styled the hair. I wanted it very big and over the top, i showed them several pictures to use as a source of inspiration.
Becky curled the hair in lots of wringlets, again this is a style seen frequently on beauty queens. The curls also gave the hair volume making it appear bigger.

Callie (MUA) worked the hair to make it big and give it volume, she used backbrushing and created a lifted section (as seen on quite a lot of images i looked at as research).

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